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What is #TraumaDumping? Sometimes referred to as “oversharing,” Trauma Dumping is a relatively new term that describes …

What is #TraumaDumping?

Sometimes referred to as “oversharing,” Trauma Dumping is a relatively new term that describes the sharing of emotionally-charged information with unsuspecting recipients – in person or online – who may not have the emotional/mental bandwidth to receive said information.

How is TD different than venting about painful experiences?

Talking about painful, distressing experiences with the intention of processing and healing is not only good but brave! The distinctions between TD and venting lie with intent, consent, awareness, and respect. Venting crosses the line when:

– recipient has not given their consent to receive the information
– sharer’s primary intent is to gain sympathy
– sharer is not open to feedback
– sharer has not considered the impact the information will have on the recipient (or, in the case of social media, who those recipients may be or if they are equipped to handle the information properly)

Is TD bad?

While TD is harmful, let’s not judge those who have done it. TD is an unintended symptom of our complex relationship with social media, changing cultural norms about what should be shared publicly, and limited awareness of/access to #mentalhealth services.

Is TD ever ok?

There are times and places when venting trauma-related information is appropriate, such as in your therapist’s office, or in the presence of a loved one who has given their consent to absorb said information with clearly understood boundaries. Responsible venting strengthens relationships and can be truly healing.

Image description: Against a sandy beige background, read “TRAUMA DUMPING 101” in a slate-brown font. Below, sage-blue icons depicting an enthusiastic over-sharer and a troubled recipient. Below, in a small, rounded font read: “When ‘venting’ goes too far.”

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Author: Alsana

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