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April is #StressAwarenessMonth. What does #stress have to do with #eatingdisorderrecovery? In many ways, the relations…

April is #StressAwarenessMonth.

What does #stress have to do with #eatingdisorderrecovery? In many ways, the relationship between stress and EDs can feel like a vicious cycle.

1. Stress can contribute to the development of EDs.
2. Disordered eating behaviors can cause stress levels to rise.
3. Disordered eating behaviors are common, maladaptive responses to stress- particularly among college-age students.
4. Both stress and EDs thrive in secret.
5. The consistency, self-compassion, and other practical skills needed to develop and maintain effective stress-management habits are similar to those needed to achieve and maintain recovery.

Prioritizing stress management consistently may seem like a small thing, but tending to your mental hygiene on a daily basis can help to prevent the “small things” from becoming unmanageable. What are some of your go-to stress-management techniques?

Image description: Against a coal-brown background, we see a white, line-drawn sketch of a person from the torso up, their head has been replaced by a scribble representing anxiety and stress. In white font at the bottom, read: April is Stress Awareness Month.

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Author: Alsana

Combining data-driven, evidence-based treatment with a fresh, compassionate approach, Alsana focuses on total health and wellness in recovery from eating disorders and related conditions. A recovery community with five locations nationwide. We provide superior and committed care to help those on their journey to a healthy and successful recovery.

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